How Seniors Can Encourage The Younger Generation To Get A Start In Life

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.08.30 PM.pngThe US Census Bureau projected that Americans aged 65 and above will outnumber the younger generation by 2035. This could require more senior organizations that  cater to the needs of the elderly. But aside from serving other seniors, they are also expected to help the younger ones get a start in life. So, how can seniors encourage the younger generation in getting a better start in life?
More Opportunities Of Having Their Own Home  
One of the best advice that seniors can give to the young generation is to set up a place of their own. This will inspire them to take more responsibilities in life. But based on the housing trends from Stanford Center on Longevity, the homeownership rate among the young people is dropping. The report claimed that people at the age of 30 are not in a hurry to own a house. One of the reasons for this is because they want to wait until they already have their own family. The other could be due to paying off the high interests from their student debts.  To encourage the youth in gaining more independence, seniors can choose to offer affordable family buy-to-let mortgages with their own properties. This also allows millennials to start the journey of owning their own home without the strict restrictions from high-interest rentals and landlords.  To get a fair mortgage value, the elderly can hire a property broker to protect the rights of both parties. 
Engage In Intergenerational Relationships   
If the young ones already have positive role models to look up to, they will be inspired to do better in life now and in the future. This can be very beneficial for those who are still in school. They will have the motivation to pursue higher education, develop better financial habits, and learn more life skills. In addition, they will learn how to respect the elders and treasure every lesson that they learn from them.  Seniors must show their passion to the younger generation. This will encourage the youth to find their own interests. They will make it easier to determine what they are passionate about. The elders can introduce their hobbies and allow the youth to learn from them. Because of this, the new generation will learn more life skills that they can use as they reach their own maturity. In return, the seniors will also enjoy passing their wisdom down to the next generation. 
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