Day Trips

Hello Intrepid Traveler,

A completely new series of day trips is in the works. In addition to the six trips by bus each year, we will be offering six trips by car or metro as well. Tours and lunch will be planned at various locations. These alternating monthly trips will generally be scheduled in the second week of the month.

Bus Trips

These trips will be limited to thirteen people, in addition to the driver and coordinator. All participants (except the driver), will share the rental fee for the bus. We will generally be traveling to more distant locations and events with these trips. Entry fees will be included in the cost of the trip (generally totaling $25+ or $55+ depending on the distance); however, the cost of lunch will be paid by each participant. Restaurants are all mid-price ($$-$$$), eliminating fast food places ($) and fine dining options ($$$$). Choices are varied and menus offer a wide selection.

Car or Metro Trips

These trips are relatively inexpensive and can be unlimited in terms of the number of participants, but they do require your own or shared transportation to the location or event. In addition, many sites that we propose to visit in D.C. are right near a metro stop. You will be responsible for paying all parking charges, entrance fees, and the cost of lunch. Again, restaurants have been suggested.

We would like to give you every opportunity to have a wonderful day “out and about” as the Australians would say. You can book a reservation for any of these trips at any time. We ask that you pay any time up to two week prior to the trip. Thanks in advance for your participation.


SCAS Day Trip Committee

SCAS 2021 Day Trips

flowers blooming at Brookside Gardens
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