3 Things Seniors Can Do to Stay Safe, Healthy, and Financially Sound in Senior Living

As we get older, our bodies start to heal more slowly as our immune systems slow down. As seniors, we have to be mindful of this fact, and how easily we can get sick. We start thinking about the future, and we decide to move into a senior living situation or community. This could be the best decision we can make for ourselves as older adults.

To assist those transitioning into a senior living situation, Shepherd’s Center of Annandale Springfield has compiled a list of resources that can help to keep seniors safe, healthy, and financially sound.

Keep Your Space Clean, Sanitized, and Organized

As seniors, we can’t afford to get sick, so we do our best to keep our surroundings clean.

Stay Physically & Mentally Active

Look for Financial Assistance

When you’re looking to transition to a senior living community, these resources can help. Keep these 3 things in mind and you’ll keep yourself safe, healthy, and financially sound as you move into your senior adventure.

The goal of Shepherd’s Center of Annandale Springfield is to help seniors live life with meaning and dignity to build community connections for everyone. Reach out today for more information! 703-941-1419

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